Charles (23 Jan 2012)
"Red alert severe weather hits Canberra seven day warning!"

Severe weather hits Canberra freak tornado and lightning storms is this a seven day warning for Dr  Owours visit and January 28th?  God is warning his people Canberra means meeting place and the native people used it as a stop for a migratory feast of the fruits if this is not the place that dr owour saw the rapture occur I know of no other with this symbolism tied to this date this may be our one week warning! What is more important then being found watching and praying one week from today? That's what this entire world does not understand and I do not want to follow the blind into a pit and am warning others not to as well! The Earth is screaming I am going grocery shopping taking care of household things but my spirit is screaming inside nothing matters but being ready when I come! Nothing on this planet is worth missing the rapture! Those not concerned are not watching orating longing for rescue because they see nothing amiss and how funny because the very rocks are crying out and they do not hear! I pray for everyone to hear to flee to the mercy seat while they can! Prime minister benjimin Netanyahu just reversed everything Barak said about time saying Iran has resolved to be a nuclear power and must be stopped now before they advance to far! I got called to come out of the UMC church because they are supporting a Palistinian state! I called them on it wanted a letter to seperate us from it and wrote one separating my family they said what difference would a letter make! It would keep our money out of going against the apple of gods eye! They did not it did not register that genesis 12:3 was meaningful! The pastor is now retiring and many have left. I got a confirmation I was right my giving statement I gave exactly 777.00 before I left! Sevem seven seven I just typed that and realized I was reporting a seven day warning is not God amazing while I am typing about Israel and a seven day warning he's confirming it.