Charles (23 Jan 2012)
"Full halo cme seven day warning to get in the arm"

The M class solar flare spawned by a full halo CME lasted twenty four hours and will hit earth 22:00ust + or - seven hours. The sign of the full halo at the denver game points to this unusual full halo CME that lasted a day! Seven hours are seven days warning! The CME hits the 21st and the solar storm will last a day! Noah got in the ark and closed the door seven days later the flood came! The year of the dragon is starting today so is God sealing his people in the ark of Jesus for seven days? We may have five days left by the time you read this! Five days and the world will seem normal to those not watching right up to the nano second it is not! As my sons tv show the wonder pets say this is serious! If we try and save our life's in this world we will lose them if we lose give our lives to Jesus get on his ark we will save them! I see noahs problem everything was humming along it never rained no one believed him but he believed the Lord and acted on it and was saved! I think this CME will cause an earthquake a final seven day warning maybe cause some power outages it's starting to sprinkle I hope we all are safe in the ark today!