Charles (23 Jan 2012)

Well the world is a big social conditioning trap to learn Jesus out of you! As Nicole all my life I kinda felt something was wrong with the world! I just did not know what. If they told me to stand and clap I wanted to sit down and fold my hands! I am going around and trying to warn others Jesus is coming and the attitude is don't worry be happy! What less then 9 percent and 1% of their children believe the bible is true in entire words! So really there is about 1% of that ten percent watching! So maybe 300,000 out of 300 million watching and praying for Jesus to come! And the bible says if you believe your child is counted holy so basically believing watching and praying Christians trying to seperate and be the bride and their young children seems to be the faithful rememant! Jesus said strive to enter in the straight gate few there be that find it so strive! That means watch and pray and profess his name and if the world says stand then sit! Those that say he cam come 1,000 Yeats or not to focus on our blessed hope are deceived. E the world and do Not understand a bride is found waiting for her groom! Please the earth is crying out because the church is not! Get on the ark seperate yourself from the world come out from among it's mindset so you can be raptured!