Charles (19 Jan 2012)
"Another 111 warning!"

The average age of the American car just turned 11.1 years old! Do not lay up treasure on Earthe where moth eat and Rust corrupts and destroys lay up treasure in heaven unto life eternal. Gods showing us where the value of our endeavors only hold vie when we earn wishes working for Him! We can use our earthly possessions in his service to yield real dividends but it Seems the time to make any deposits is rapidly closing and we have to open an account first the only way our credit is good is if we have Jesus co-sign or else we do not qualify! Apply today free blood transfusion and car unlimited car washing privileges we just have to deposit all our investments guaranteed 1,000 percent return on our savings and fully FSHS insured! Also open now and get a free manson and prime real estate parking always available since few apply! Plus all you can eat and drink forever! Investment can be used at anytime until our redemption! Can you imagine how many would seek salvation if this is what was said to them! In essence it is! Except also this is the only safe and insured investment all others fail! Please I'd you have not call upon Jesus today repent believe be saved John 3:16. Is the gospel believe get baptized as a act of faith in water full immersion turn from the false interest of this world and invest in Jesus all your heart mind and soul let his blood corner you his signature redeem you and his holy spirit safeguard you until he returns to collect your full deposit and pay you your interest 1,000 fold! Time is short all please love Jesus not the world the return is real! It is the only safe investment!