Charles (19 Jan 2012)
"Warning warning"

On January 16th I posted that the holy spirit spoke to me while praying in the shower I heard the words warning warning not knowing what it meant I posted it to five doves! Later watching marygreeley1954 news updates I saw that both turkey and russia had activated their early warning radars! Warning warning! I also saw 111 not 11:11 several times another watcher had a similar warning and solved that one for me tonight! January 17th or the first month the day I got the warning warning is eleven days until January 28th! As you can see from the cronological order of my posts I could not have made this up if I tried and really I have better things to do! I am saying this because I am placing Gods will before my own and communicating what he shows in a way that cannot be of me if I wanted to do it! The final kicker was watching hummingbird027 say seeing those 111's guys wake up it's a warning! People are going on vacation their partying their planning the Super Bowl  parties our friends are wanting us to go on vacation this spring and book now! They think my hesitance is monetary I cannot make anyone understand the fact that God us warming those trying to turn to him away from the vanity of this world and the rapture is the only blessed hope we have! God said if you love your life in this world you will lose it if you hate your life you will keep it to life eternal! They do not understand I think the bible says they wonder why you do not run to the same excess of riot it's because I am trying to keep my eyes on the Lord the only flight I want to take is in my wedding dress! The clincher was finding that the moonrise is Jerusalem on January 28th was 9:11am and taking it a step farther stellarium seems to paint a picture of the bride fish being raptured on the wings of a horse over Jerusalem on that date and time! It's all meaningless except for Jesus he is the way the truth and the life and the straight gate the only way to heaven and in the sky at 9:11am on January 28th eleven days after I heard warning warning and the defense radars turned on, after I prayed for a sign and got several they all point to January 28th and they all wonder why I do not want to book a vacation this spring or whatever and really even if I tried to explain why I do not think anyone will be having a peaceful day on the beach or want to be here at all they would not believe me or understand! If you take hannukah being off ten days and add a twenty one day delay you get January 28th! 5,6,7,  Jesus you get January 28th! It's like the Kevin Bacon game all paths signs and warning warnings seem to lead to January 28th! Is it the sign in the heavens that the rapture is soon that we are led to buy with warning warning is it the actual day? I am seeing more and more leaning to the latter! Keep looking up our redemption is literally drawn in the heavans over Jerusalem on January 28th at9:11am go download stellarium and see yourself! I think it's amazing God led me to follow the breadcrumbs there! I am posting this rehash because I have heard nothing new but really God basically dragged me there and drew it out for me in the sky all because I asked earnestly in prayer for a sign I could share that could not be faked! Nicole is right it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save when man by his wisdom did not get it! It seems it pleases God in his wisdom to show his servants signs that the world not watching and praying find foolish but are impossible to dismiss because the shots were called beforehand and also drawn in the heavens for all to go look and see! I really do not know what more to say!