Charles (18 Jan 2012)
"Confirmation of 111 sign by hummingbird027!"

God uses his watchmen and women faithfully working together listening to hummingbirds newscast she was talking about the strange sounds the newscast mentioned that the Israeli silver coin showing Johnah in the belly of the whale was voted the coin of the year over ninety five others! She then read from Mathew about the Pharisees asking for a sign and Jesus saying this wicked generation will receive no sign except the sign of Johnah! She said that it's time to wake up get on the ark there is no coincidence with God guys even the hairs on your heads and the breaths you take are numbered! Then wait for it she said when you see your clock saying 1:11 pay attention it means something we are being warned guys! Look at my previous letter on me seeing 1:11 today not 11:11! The meaning was confirmed God had another watcher servant say that because he knew I would be listening beforehand! It is a warning guys! Nicole's right those still watching have jumped the fence are in the arm swimming in the mud and I think God showed me though song and Noah that's forty days from December 20th we are swimming then if we cannot any longer we will be lifted up! Keep swimming in your dress Jesus blood will make us spotless as long as we have the dress on!