Charles (18 Jan 2012)
"Strange sounds Conklin Alberta Canada the noisome pestilence ?"

The strange metallic organic groaning sounds being heard around the world could they be the noisome pestilence of psalm 91? I listened to them through good speakers and it sounds like the Earth is alive and groaning and screaming in pain as it gives birth to great tribulation! If this the sound of the Earth giving birth I do not want to see the baby! Another study of the earths magnetic poles show a wobble and disproportion around Antarctica! This is mean but supposedly tie a rag around a cat and knot one side the cat cannot stand up and walk its off balance! That is what the earth looks like magnetically now getting ready to shake too and fro to fall down and not rise again ie turn on its side which is the dream my son had about out house turning on its side and then upside down! Is the great earthquake and pole shift of revelation near? Are these the actual sounds of creation crying out in pain for the vanity it's been unwillingly subjected too?