Charles (18 Jan 2012)
"Warning Warning post from 1/16/12"

First let me apologize for my typos my keypad has been overwriting my words! Gods strength in my weakness! I am driving around feeling just exhausted in the spirit even though I saw a hang in there! People really don't get it that they have to hate the things of this world to love Jesus or they do and just do not want to because it's like being in mud up to your neck every day were here trying to keep washed in the blood in prayer and thoughts and deed! To love the truth is to hate the lies of this world! Well I was driving around in the mud and rain honestly thinking this and the meaning the sign of me hearing warning warning popped into my head! Both Turkey and Russia activated their early warning missle radar today! Warning warning our ten day warning? God is showing those watching and earnesty longing for his rescue! Perhaps the scariest other sign I have seen is they are forcing middle school children to take online government profiling exams for a database that includes asking about their religious beliefs and teachings! And children shall cause their parents to be put to death! No one gets it is about funding and the chip is to improve your security or your economic state! Everyone eats this world like custard when it's dung compared to Jesus! He's your only hope not a chip a Rock you can stand on! So we got our warning warning go to marygreely1954 two early warning radars turned on today! To the scoffers how could I have posted something before it happened again gave it happen and be shown it except by the spirit! Wake up God is warning his children and anyone who will hear! We may have ten days  get on the ark now! Repent stop living for the world start living for Jesus! Get in the ark now!