Charles (17 Jan 2012)
"Moonrise on December 28th over Jerusalem!"

As I have posted before the holy spirit moved me to look up the moon rise time in Jerusalem on January 28th 2012 expecting a new moon possibly sign of a good time for an air attack! I noticed it was not and then I saw it the moon rise time was 9:11am! I just saw 9:11 and the word moon popped into my mind. I recently for stellarium so I decided to look at the moon over Jerusalem on that date since the world revolves around Jerusalem! I almost missed it but I had another jaw drop ! The moon is in the tail of Pisces the fish. The gush was the earny symbol for Christians . The moon and the fish are poised above the constellation that is depicted as a winged horse! The moon is in the fishes tail like a rocket engine look and the fish is above the winged horse! Could this symbolize Jesus whisking his bride away as seen from Jerusalem the apple of  Gods eye? Could God have rewarded this humble nothing of a servant with a picture of the beauty of his coming rescue in the clouds! You will not see this site from any other location on the earth! You will not see this site on any other day! Jesus true. Ornate was 9:113Bc according to recent evidence that's when the star of Bethlehem appeared! I urge everyone reading this post not to just take my word but download stellarium put the little drop pin or location over Jerusalem pick January 28th 2012 in and 9:15am ! This is as close as we can get to the 9:11am moon rIse! Them type moon in search and behold a picture in the  sky appears you must also have the constellation Picture turned on! Who could fake axing in the stars as seen from Jerusalem on Hanuary 28th at 9:11am? Who except by the leading of the holy spirit would Be of to search the moon rise time over Jerusalem at that day see its 9:11 and then weeks later see9:11 hear moon and take the time to download stellarium and plug it in to see this sign? I am not near smart enough to even think of looking for this incredible. Inject the fits! Guys if you want to see a picture of Jesus taking the bride to heaven in the sky over Jerusalem a sign in the heavens do exactly this!What was that song aboriding white horses? I think it's soon to come true keep swimming in the mud we are about to be lifted higher! Behold I give the the stars for signs and seasons!yes you doLord! Praise your holy nw Yahweh!Lift up your heads your redemption drawers near its painted in the stars above Jerusalem on Hanuary 28th 2012 at 9:11am! Is this what the day points to?