Charles (17 Jan 2012)
"Silly signs the cross is foolishness to them that perish!"

Nicole and Renee I read your posts! Let me just say I never grew up inside I think God knows that! In simple faith I prayed for who should be my wife that I would do it Jesus way fifteen years ago and asked for an impossible to fake sign! I prayed for her to be met in a red mustang like mine! The very next day I went to lunch parked into the only space I saw and went in as I was getting out of my car I saw I parked next to a red mustang just like mine! Ok the hair stood up I had been water dunked a week! I had stopped going to bars and put it in Jesus hands! I sat by two women and coming out said what I had prayed and was wondering whose car that was! I was then shocked to here from the one girl it was hers! I did not know her friend was trying to set her up because she had a bad relationship and she wanted no part of it! Her friend said she will go out with you! I asked her out we went out for forty two days and I popped the question a year later we married! I know God is there and he answers sincere desire to surrender to his better will! I just turned in a receipt at work 11.11! I just got a info sheet on my desk you got the date of the last one 11.11.11 that's just been this morning! Where am I going I asked God for a sign because of all I was witnessing about the 28th I kept finding parallels to that date independant of Ron and Mathman! I had gotten a very personal confirmation my wife was in a car accident sudden destruction! They are both ok! But the guy was from Chicago had been here a week and was 27! The prominent last number was 28 on the repair bill! God had to spell it out later for me get it son guy from Chicago causes sudden destruction he's 27 and the 28 on your bill! Ooh! Since then I saw Nicole's post describing me watching life to the T! I believe we jumped the fence Hanukkah those still watching we're starting to swim in mud sure feels like it but did not know how long there seemed no date on the horizon! Again Nicole's dream she could not see where the horizon was! The song that made me jump as a new Christian was flood by the New band jars of clay! I stood in the mud and rain in Hershey and sang that song arms lifted! Forty days in the mud from December 20th is January 28th! Sign three I head my name called twice in two days Noah called them two by two! Lastly well I prayed after the 3:16 game for a sign I could share with others you know call my shot before hand so no one could say yeah he made that up or to prove it was from God! Well in the same sincere way I prayed and was blessed with my wife I prayed! As I was reading mathmans post on the seven occurances of 3:16 I saw the sign! You see God showed me in the spirit the sign would be from Tom Brady this time and not obvious to everyone just me! Then it would involve a defensive player I scanned the roster and Quincy carter caught my eye! So I posted this on another site! At the end of the first quarter number 28 intercepted a post from Tom Brady number 12! Right after a John 3:16 commercial played with little children singing John 3:16! Amazed I posted this response to prayer I had called for fire like Elijah and it came! One person said wow! Then my pre post was removed because I said what the lord had told me  and without this proof staring all in the face my follow on post was called silly! I was rebuked because we had to be careful as christans the world already thought we were Silly! Another poster prayed for a sign about the 28th and prayed to see pizza went to a club for work the next night where no food was and a couple in front of him got pizza! Another prayed for a sign centered around his cats and found he had just enough cat food until the 28th! These posters were left alone! I got two warnings because I posted on another thread how alot of the church was asleep about my church exierince and was chastised for besmirching the body of Christ! Let's see praying for a sign a way to show the sign is from God and seeing the sign and documenting it is silly! Arguing with biblical proof that Hanukkah is off ten days and a twenty one day delay (there's your number 21) points to January 28th is silly! Agreeing even in principle with others dreams or Ron's posts because he is not conventional to the accepted wisdom is silly! Here's the thing glad I was silly prayed to God stepped out in faith and he even had to shove me to go ask and got a wife! The Lord is communicating in foolish ways because it pleases him since men in their traditional wisdom not only missed his messiah even though they had an open book test and are now asleep missing or scoffing at the signs he is coming! God is giving his children manah from Heaven some people say food cannot drop from heaven others say its not meat so they will not eat it still others say thank you for the food Lord! I say thank you for all the silly signs the dreams the visions the numbers the cannot be faked ore saying what a sign is going to be before a football game and having it occur I want to eat manna all the way home! Who is of the same mind! The Pharisees dud not believe Jesus made the blind man see when he asked him because to acknowledge such a miracle would give credence to Jesus! The blind man said what a marvelous thing I was blind but now made to see and you cannot tell whether this act was from God! God is laying foolish little breadcrumbs for his children to follow and share and while some scoff I know who made me see and I am going to eat them all the way home and lovingly offer to share with any who are Hungary! Do I know for sure where the last breadcrumb is all I know is the bag is empty and I am following the last few home! Yes Nicolle I answered one question in your dream forty days in the mud and you answered mine the cross is foolishness so why not the signs since man by his wisdom cannot see!