Charles (17 Jan 2012)
"Nicole is right it takes a desperate searching for the Lord!"

You know what I can take the scoffers, I can take being dragged down from the waves of this world and seeing the Lords hand pull me up when I call for Him to help. You see he is watching and waiting to see who is they want to go they realize the truth this world is a prision and Jesus is the pardon! We have to go through the appeal process and we will be set free! Those who say Jesus yet never show up for their appeal hearings or who like the prision because they have a window cell or a good job or because they think they can do the time then get out ie the tribulation are decieved! We were meant to accept the pardon but we got to want it with all our heart! I have heard my name called! I told others they said they felt offended they did not! I was just saying go get on the bus! I prayed for a third confirmation from the Lord I posted it o n another site before it happened it occurred and not only was I chastised for asking for a non biblical confirmation What are we not supposed to test the spirits! Here is my confirmation like Elijah I called for fire and since I have jumped the fence after reading Nicole's post and then heard my name called then got like three confirmations I was right I have to say Nicole is right and my confirmation points to Ron being right! Here is the thing Ron and Nicole and others on Doves we are following the breadcrumbs we are chasing down our savior our blessed hope! If we jump the final hurdle and see another we run at it we have passed the point of giving up we have spiritually left this world already and people hate us for it! Is Jesus going to say shame on you you followed me to hard you almost caught me on your own or is he going to say well done good and faithful servants! It's not right to say oh Jesus will come get me I don't have to watch! He commanded us to watch not be perfect but try! To persevere! To jump the fence! I want to go I want to be the bride I chase it and encourage others! So do you! Here it is I prayed to God for a sign that I could share with others in a way to prove what I was seeing what others were seeing! What I got was that there would be a sign in the patriots broncos game involving Tom Brady and Quinton Carter! I posted what the Lord had put on me to watch for before the game! No visions just those nuggets! As I was reading mathmans post on the seven signs in the last game of 3:16 how's that for double confirmation the sign occurred! At the end of the first quarter number twenty eight quinton carter intercepted a pass from Tom Brady number twelve to give the broncos hope! Right after this play a John 3:16 commercial came on double bracketed! I saw my own personal fire come down from heaven! 1/28/12 get it! Well I had been suddenly chastised before this post for agreeing with another poster that the church in particular I just wrote about my church was not warning others was asleep and I wrote also not supporting Israel! After this my sign occurred and I posted thinking God had answered a faithful prayer. My post put up before the game was after there was no disputing what I had prayed for occurred taken down for me saying the lord had told me what to watch for! So my post that it occurred was dismissed! I know what I saw and I witness it! What I have found is attempts to compromise what I am seeing to make others feel more complacent just causes them to turn and rend your clothes thinking who are you to say the church is sleeping or who are you to say not everyone goes who are you to get a confirmation from the lord that everyone did not? The Answers are I am nothing the Lord is my Shepard and I will follow the path he leads me on! Jesus not me said the church would be sleeping that it would not even realize it was and was lukewarm and needed eyesalve and gold refined in the fire Him! It was even questioned would he find faith when he came back! Jesus said he would supper with the servants he found watching and longing for his appearance when he came back those not watching would be appointed with the hypocrites! And the Lord tells us to test the spirits to ask according to his will and we shall receive! God showed me I am and others are correct to be found watching and waiting on this date! It is far past time to be politically correct on the fence or not longing with All our heart to be raptured! I am doing what Jesus commanded of me I judge no others but I will as Nicole said those who do not desperately seek the rapture!