Charles (16 Jan 2012)
"Five Doves"

It is interesting and sad as we approach the end that it seems to have come down to the watchers warning and arguing among the watchers even though we are all basically presenting the same information! Do you know that all of India is being biometric scanned and issued Id numbers to improve the lot of the poor! Everyone believes this is good! So since the entire world is basically deceived clueless and would take the mob right now for $1.00 and since basically the entire church is clueless it's the end times or that the rapture is soon to occur it comes town to the watchers arguing among themselves or even banned from many sites! We all are pointing the same direction but a pre trib site would not dare listen to and discuss a pre wrath watchers view and vise versa! The main thing being judged is your view of when the tribulation is not how close we are!! Biblical views are dismissed with no man knows the day or hour well read the next verse but we are not in darkness that the day should approach as a thief! Non biblical dreams are dismissed yet in the bible it says your sons will dream dreams and your daughters see visions before the great and terrible day of the Lord! Paul would say where there are divisions or strife are you not yet carnal I am glad that I baptized none of you save for Crispus and Gaus! Stephen was stoned because the religious of his time could not hear his word of the Gospel that went against their power and the traditions of men surplanting Gods commandments! Are we any different today! The primary condition of the Lacidonian Church was they thought they were all that in need of nothing not seeing they were poor retched blind and in need of saving! Jesus spit them out! The church today that says its a waste to watch does not wait for their savior they want the kingdom on earth on their terms! Brothers the kingdom of heaven is spiritual flesh and blood will not inherit it! To those who think their iPhones are for phone calls, Dish TV programming for entertainment and movies harmless romps wake up. You are supposed to be in this world not of it. Do you think we watching and warning do not have better things also to do in the flesh? Do you think well I professed Jesus I have the blood then you go to casinos or  watch whatever and drink whatever without focusing on Jesus and watching and waiting as commanded better rethink the position. You see Jesus warned about the servant who said in his heart my Lord delays and began to party with the world! Notice he was an unfaithful servant but a servant not a unbeliever! He was appointed his portion with the hypocrites! Do you understand I watch I pray and I warn and the watchers likewise are the faithful remnant! We are not perfect in the flesh or working for our salvation we are just following our savior home ! Do not let men spoil you with vain words or Wordly traditions time is up! Make a choice better to be hot or cold then lukewarm! I have to work take care of family but I am watching and warning instead of what my desire is right now because we are to! To whom much is given much is asked for. So when you scoff at those warning you, dismiss those in Christ watching also because of mans traditions not the gospel remember the prophets and Christ were likewise treated also by the Pharisees of the day! January 23rd starts the year of the dragon I do not think the watching church will be here for the next ball drop! Please pick up your cross start watching if your not and judge not fellow watchers according to tradition of men but of truth of spirit! Nicole your dreams Ron your views my watching can all contribute to the body and on Five Doves they do!