Charles (16 Jan 2012)
"The sign in the sinking of a cruise ship!"

The terrible pictures of the cruise ship that depending on what report you believe ran aground on a reef off of Italy or supposedly torpedoed by an Iranian sub for retaliation of their scientists deaths seems to be a sign! A passenger stated see the movie titanic this was it! One the ship floundered off the coast of italy could this symbolizes that italy sinking in its mound of debt will cause the sinking of the worlds economy? Guess what if Iran did torpedo this ship no one will ever know since that would sink the economy and force action ahead of schedule! Also guess how many are missing forty! Forty days in the ark! In addition the ship symbolizes the world marrying giving in marriage a korean honeymoon couple was trapped in their too for a day when a loud boom occurred sudden destruction caught them up and none will escape! Just as I think the Titanic was a foreshadowing of the rapture the half who watched and ran for the lifeboats in this case Jesus were saved! Those who partied as the lights flickered and went out drowned! There were not enough lifeboats for more then half! Those who acted got them! On this case they waited too long to deploy the lifeboats so many could not be put in the water forcing many to jump in the bay! In addition many who perished did so suddenly as a giant wave of water rushed through the 160 foot gash! A carnival spokesperson stated nothing like this has occurred in our companies 64 year history! Israel is 64 years old as a nation sudden destruction after 64 years! There are those who will see God always warns his servants that's why we are commanded to watch! Those with eats to hear and eyes to see we got another warning of the times we are in and as in the days of Noah only a few understand it really is going to rain!