Charles (14 Jan 2012)
"Nicole flood and January 17th"

I am tired of warning too Nicole! I tried to warn my wife about the Euro possibly collapsing! I am tired of banks saying if you do this we can give you 1% interest! Does it really matter we know the answer! But you annoy people going to work every day saying money is TP soon except I am annoyed and still go I just know the true worth is in heaven! Charles Barkley said people are sick of Tebow he meant they are sick of bring told they need to repent and believe on Jesus! Yet I read of a bag boy grocery carrier getting saved because of tebows 316 game! They are trickling in! I know I need Jesus every second and you and everyone watching to help me swim! Jesus said encourage each other as you see the day approaching! The worldly christan churches do not see the day or are not watching! Jesus meant for the watchers to encourage each other! Nicole your dream was the exact roadmap of what I have felt I am going through that hardly anyone understands! You gave me a gps coordinate of where I was! From that I could trangulate how far the island was! Seriously go listen to Flood if after forty days we cannot swim in the mud He will lift us up higher ie Rapture! We also see how I was complaining about going out in the world afraid to get mud on my dress! We are in the mud just keep the dress on keep swimming watching and praying and God will lift us up clean us with Jesus blood! Noah was also in the ark forty days! Forty days inclusive from January 20th is January 28th! January 29th the 29th psalm is the flood of destruction! Just like tebows 316 game Flood became a sensation for a reason it was a key to a x on a map God gave you to encourage the swimmers! A word of warning about January 17th the occupy which I am against are planning a march on Washington the same day that O is holding peace talks on Israel in Washington! A ten day warning? There are three aircraft carriers in the gulf from us, a French carrier, a British destroyer, a Russian carrier group, and canadian minesweepers on the way! Iran starts the Great phrophet excercises January 27th to again restrict traffic through the straight! USA and Israel are having the austere Challange drills on that date the original name juniper horse! But the Kelly show watching CNN global warming religious Kumbuya crowd have no clue anything is amiss! Is it any wonder Jesus said to watch and pray so you may be accounted to escape! How can we warn if we do not watch for the storm and who will believe our report frozen in the indifference of their willing unbelief! They do not went this to be the end so they ignore they fact they are frogs the pot is around them and the water is getting really hot! We are trying to jump out and tell them Also! But they got a nice spot they are all happy with on the bottom they are quite happy with! I had a personal confirmation that some kind of destruction will happen the 28th that I cannot share but seriously your dream encouraged me to keep swimming because I had the key how long! Forty days from December 20th in the ark! Keep hopping in the mud Nicole the watchers appreciate you, the Lord blessed you with this dream, bag boys are getting saved and our families we love scoff and we still have to go to work although we know what really matters! PS I got chastised on another christian site for using to many exclamation points in a post! I am tired of people straining at gnats when there is a gorilla in the room and he's about to start swinging and they do not want to leave! I want to go home Jesus if I can't swim after forty days lift me higher! Sing it Nicole!