Charles (12 Jan 2012)
"Nicole's post on doves rapture jars of clay flood and January 28th!"

Ok Nicole on Doves just nailed in her post on her rapture dream today what it takes to get there what my life has felt like and those watching have felt and are feeling! To paraphrase we are swimming in a sea of mud now the drudgery of this life until the rapture comes to lift us up! When I first became born again I went to creation fest in Hershey PA in 1996 and watched jars of clay perform Flood in the mud and the rain! The song became a personal and worldwide bouy of faith! Hold on the song goes if I can't rise after forty days in the mud and rain forty days then lift me up higher! Ie after forty days of drudgery in the mud and rain waves crashing upon us lift us higher! That's the rapture call to the Lord the redeemed calling upon his name! Gets better forty days from December 20th inclusive is January 28th, 2012! Psalm twenty nine describes a flood of destruction sweeping the middle east and world on the 29th! It all fits! There was a symbolism and message of rapture in the song flood that now near the end our following the breadcrumbs and keeping the patience of the faith by watching now with Nicoles dream seems to have decided! It's forty days in the mud and rain after December 20th when alot gave up watching those still doing so keep swimming your redemption draws near! Everyone go read Nicole's post listen to flood and count the days! He who has an ear hear! Nicole I think I have your answer on how long we are in the mud forty days from December 20th when we kept on watching and praying after many gave up! Keep pulling me please Nicole I want to give you a great big bear hug in heaven!!!!