Chance B (25 Jan 2012)
"fivedoves post"


Brothers & Sisters,

Sorry I have not been posting much lately.  I’ve been very busy with helping another Brother with his radio show and also website.  

I was in prayer and asking the Lord what I could do for the Lord, how I could use my talents to serve him as I have been working more than 18 years in Information Technology.  So, I felt the calling to do a website to help guide people to information and get the Lords word out.  Well, it just so happens a person who I have watched many videos in the past but probably not in over a month… I noticed the other day he posted that he was called upon the Lord to go on the radio so it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I reached out to him, he was actually holding off until  he could raise enough money to pay for the radio show for a year.

I told him, the Lord wants you to do this NOW!  Do not wait, time is short, he will provide.  Without hesitation, I paid for a year of hosting, the radio show first month is free… so off I went to bang out this website in just a few days.  He had his first radio show last night and considering neither of us had ever used blog talk radio before, it went pretty well.  I will continue work with him and support him on this as I am called to do.

Anyway, I just wanted to post why I’ve been absent from posting =0)

So here is an interesting video for you all:

January 28th, The Rapture, & The 7th Seal

No date-setting here people, but Alcatraz, Dexter, and Vanishing On 7th Street are all talking about the Rapture of the Bride followed by sudden and complete destruction. Are you coming to see Jesus, or staying behind to experience THE WORST days in human history. Call out to Jesus, He never fails to answer.”


If Mods are ok with it, I would like to mention the website I’m working on for him I’m sure some of you have seen his videos on You Tube.  There are links on the website to his radio show, tonight (1/24/2012) he will be talking about The Revelation from Heaven.

There are many sections left to be filled and I would love for any of you doves to provide some content for it if you feel called to do so.  This all for the Lord and His Glory.  

I was thinking of having something like choose your path:

-          If the Rapture of the Church happened today, do you think you are ready? 

o   YES àTest their spirit, reveal to them if they are truly ready.  I think deep down we all know what life we are living, are we truly trying to live a Holy life and all that entails? (video/scripture/witness)

o   NO àProvide them with everything they need humble themselves and cry out to the Lord (video/scripture/witness)


God Bless Doves,


מרנא תא (Maranatha)!