Carol Garza (26 Jan 2012)
"To Gina re: Solar flare - INCOMING"

Hi Gina and Doves,
I heard last night on coast to coast, the solar flare would take 24-48 hrs to reach our atmosphere and possibly disrupt cell phones and might even bring on earthquakes.
Here in South Texas where we have been lacking rain and are in a severe drought, got a thunder bunder of a storm last night.  Lightning was very strong as was the thunder.  I couldn’t help wonder if the storm was caused by the solar flare.  Maybe..maybe not.  It simply has been a very long time since we have had any significant amount of rain and even less thunderstorms!  There were power outages all over the place.
It will be interesting but sobering if there is a powerful disruption frying electrical grids and electronics, even earthquakes in the coming days...January 27-28 perhaps???
Blessings and Peace in Christ Jesus everyone !  Keep looking up !  Any day now !!
Carol Garza