Carmen (23 Jan 2012)
"It is unique !!!!!"

Thank you all  for this Homepage...
My name is Carmen, I live in Germany and have been a believer for over 25 years. I've come since about 8 months on this site and find it great to read your emails every day here.  I'm Ron Reese, Mathman, Charles, Gerry Almond, PattiC, Calvin and many others who think so, for instance, fully excited .... God bless you and all ...
So, I have since last year, also the feeling that we are living in the End Times. God is so great and sends his children around the world ... Enormously important messages ...
Please, please ... what makes me sad is that lately, some are very unjustifiably attacked by others.
It is here for all the doves on a very hard and time consuming work that many spend here despite family and free time for others.Please keep in mind that many other people read it ..
thank you all for your hard work and God's richest blessings to you all ... in love carmen
Welcome to the Doves, Carmen!