Calvin (20 Jan 2012)
"Words: Sift Sifted Captivity (spiritual FEMA camps)"

Words: Sift Sifted Captivity (spiritual FEMA camps)

From the same lady who did this on Jan. 9th....

Dream: God's Watchmen Sound the Alarm

....a new word:

Words: Sift Sifted Captivity (spiritual FEMA camps)

MANY who "think" that are past needing forgiveness (which is

PRIDE) will NOT be raptured!!! INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!

INTERESTING that "BEFORE" I came onto the Internet this AM, I was

thinking about 2 people who are like this and said to myself that
it was "good" that they "get along" because they'll be here AFTER
the rapture to take care of each other!!!!

The Tribulation was described / "given" to Ken Peters in his long

dream. The groups who got together at this time were VERY close
and there was nobody who was sooo prideful, boastful at that time
who were in these groups.

At the END of Ken's looong dream, he and his wife were "beheaded"

by an Islamic "sword". This is the VERY description given by the
"new" word!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ken Peters in his dream of the Tribulation.