Calvin (2 Jan 2012)
"Olivia's dream: "Blood soaked soil"..."secret to the rapture"..."number 28"!!?? (Ron's date?!!)"

Olivia's dream: "Blood soaked soil"..."secret to the rapture"..."number 28"!!?? (Ron's date?!!)

Ron and John Tng:

I've had my "spiritual" hands full lately and JUST read what Ron
has put together. It is AMAZING and, obviously, has taken a LOT
of background and digging and revelation!!!

Ron Reese (28 Dec 2011)
"RED ALERT! The Correct Dates for WW3, Sudden Destruction, and the Rapture!!!"

Ron Reese (29 Dec 2011)
"RED ALERT! The BIBLICAL date for the Rapture/Sudden Destruction is 1/28/12!"

I know that my 1998 dream (I'll put at the bottom) encompassed what
I "believed" was a MAJOR disruption in America, BUT, the leader (the
man in the Statue of Liberty) was smiling!!! At the time of my dream,
I did not think much about the "posture" of this person (just calling him
a "warm, smiling gentleman") in the Statue of Liberty, but, "SMILING
WITH HIS HAND OUT" (as he was) is a sign of a POLITICIAN!! And
I believe it is the person, IN CHARGE, in America AT THE TIME OF

We NOW KNOW who that "smiling gentleman" is!!!!!!!!!


I am sending an old letter from a dream that was posted by Olivia
(from around the year, 2000), which mentioned BLOOD SOAKED
SOIL EVERYWHERE!!! She said she had this dream on a "Sunday"
night, then, two nights later, on "Tuesday" night, the Lord told her that
the SECRET TO THE RAPTURE was in the Name of Yahweh, "then
He mentioned the number 28"!

THEREFORE, I note with interest Ron's Rapture/Sudden Destruction
date is


...Olivia (22 June)


...Dear Doves,

...I waited to share this with all of you as I am not normally a "dreamer
...of dreams." However, on Sunday night I had a horrific dream in which
...I was driving..... driving...all around the earth was torn up, literally, like
...a construction site. The soil appeared to be burgundy and very moist..
...Then I realized it Was this color due to being blood soaked. Puddles
...of blood were everywhere instead of pools of water...the landscape
...stretched on and on and on, and I was trying to find someone. In
...short, I had a nightmare.

...Then, on Tuesday night, I dreamed about the Lord and He said the
...secret to the rapture was in the name of Yahweh (????)...then He
...mentioned the number 28. That was it. Now I am NOT saying the
...rapture is on the 28th of Any day...we cannot know the day or hour,
...perhaps the year, the month...I have No idea what significance, if
...any, 28 has nor do I understand the comment about Yahweh. I have
...had no additional dreams since then.....Any ideas? Maybe just
..."normal" dreams? I just keep having this nudge to post them. The
...Lord does sometimes gives each of us a piece here and another a
...piece there so we do not get puffed up about ourselves....but then sharing, a picture sometimes, not always, emerges.

...Thanks and love to all,



MANY to deal with!!!!!!!!!!!!





(from an old post)

There ARE things that I KNOW have happened to me which can NOT be
denied and ONE is what happened back in 1998. The day wasn't that
important but I believe it was a Wednesday. The Lord had been dealing
with me for about 2 weeks about the U.S. "being" the New Testament
"Babylon" of Revelation 18. While at work, I "KNEW" I wasn't supposed
to "be" there and told the secretary I was going back home. I unloaded
into a word processor what I believed the Lord was showing me about
America. The NEXT morning after writing for about 6 hours about the
United States "being" the Babylon of the New Testament, I had THE
most powerful dream that I have EVER had. It was so powerful, I just lay
in bed for 30 minutes or so before I realized that God was giving me an
"AMEN" / confirmation to what I had just written the day before!!!


The morning after I wrote this piece on Babylon, I had a long
dream just before I woke up. In the dream, my younger
brother, a friend of ours (whom I couldn't identify), and I were
in the vacant lot next to the home where my family used to
live in Mississippi in the 70's and 80's. There, along the
bayou, we were playing throw and catch with a football. I
could NEVER throw a football well at all and I remember in
the dream some of my pitiful throws. They would land halfway
to the target or be way off, etc. I was in the middle of the 3 of
us and was alternating throwing passes and catching passes
to and from my brother and to my friend. For some strange
reason, in the dream I remember that I felt that we had also
been hunting.
We had been throwing the football for some time when, all of
a sudden, we looked up and saw an endless double columned
formation of some type of planes which I didn't recognize. I
remember how shocking and scary it was to see this. How
would you feel if you looked up into the sky and saw this!!!???
At first these planes, since they had a uniform 'dash' shape,
to me, looked like some highly organized type of flying saucer
formation. As we ran towards the house to receive news of
what was happening over the T.V, we could hear a loud voice
coming over the loudspeakers of a severe warning of some kind.
It was a VERY frightening scene!!! As we ran towards the
house, I saw the Statue of Liberty sitting on the side of our
house which we were on. All of a sudden, I was swept up
and entered the statue from some entrance near her head -
perhaps her torch. As I entered, I remember a warm, smiling
gentleman greeting me and then I woke up."

My interpretation of the dream goes like this. We were walking
along the same bayou where I grew up and fished and played as
a child. This probably represents a carefree life spent enjoying
the freedom this country offers its inhabitants. This dream means
to me that we are enjoying our last days of this "type" of freedom
in this country.

The fact that I was in the middle with my brother (representing
my family) and a friend (whom I couldn't recognize) means that
I will have a responsibility to tell others about what I have
learned. Since my family has almost totally rejected (and
even beyond that) what I know about the rapture, I am (thankfully
for fivedoves) now able to share with some of you what the Lord
has allowed me to learn. I believe that my clumsy throws probably
mean that my attempts would be feeble and not enough, because
we don't have much time left (and this was written in 199 .

To better clarify what I saw in the sky, it was like two columns
of 11's although at the time I described them as dashes since they
didn't have "fins". It was like an endless column of four "dashes"
coming across the sky but with a space between the two sets of
two dashes so that they looked like "11's" without the fin.

ll ll
ll ll
ll ll
ll ll
ll ll
ll ll
ll ll

A day or so after having my dream, while wondering what the
ENDLESS series dashes meant, I was watching CNN and
saw some U.S. ships firing Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles
and they were being shown IN SLOW MOTION. WITHOUT A
"FINS" OR WINGS. Because they were definitely coming out of
the North...could they have been "Russian" I.C.B.M.'s?

Jeremiah 51:48:
"Then heaven and earth and all that is in them will
shout for joy over Babylon, for OUT OF THE NORTH
destroyers will attack her,"