Calvin (16 Jan 2012)
"Re: Nicole's "People who don't believe in the Rapture are not INVITED, so don't listen to them""

Re: Nicole's "People who don't believe in the Rapture are not INVITED, so don't listen to them"


All I can say is "WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW", and "THANK YOU!!!"

dream and then further explanation are a TOTAL HOLY
SPIRIT CONFIRMATION of things that have happened to me!!!

About 26 years ago when I used to live in Mississippi, I had a
good Christian friend and he was VERY enthusiastic about
things and really easy to talk to, etc. We made some hunts out
West, etc. and our wives were good friends.

My family moved to South Carolina in 1985 and we did not keep
in touch. About that time, he was getting involved with Arnold
Murray of the Shepherd's Chapel. Of course, this is one of the
GREATEST DECEPTIONS ON TV!!! I'm convinced that this man
has an evil spirit working with him that causes people to quit
discerning by the Holy Spirit. What "good" Christians do is
to allow this "Southern Grinch" (Arnold Murray) to sway them
with his NON-STOP spewing of words that "sound" as if he
has it ALL WRAPPED UP!!! What it really is is a spirit of pride
and laziness so they won't have to get up and face another
day with "struggles" with the Real Word of God!!!!!

MrCometWatch is a disciple of Arnold Murray. He is like a
spider in a web (the "web" of the Internet). He is very good
on sharing some of his astronomical stuff but THEN he will
put in something Arnold Murray teaches. Isn't it AMAZING
that this fraud's NUMBER "1" TEACHING is that THERE IS
NO RAPTURE!!! In other words, it is TOTALLY AMAZING
just how much the devil HATES the "hope" of the rapture!!!
And I am TOTALLY CONVINCED that it is because of:

...1 John 3 (NIV1984)
...1 How great is the love the Father has lavished on us,
...that we should be called children of God! And that is
...what we are! The reason the world does not know us that it did not know him. 2 Dear friends, now we are
...children of God, and what we will be has not yet been
...made known. But we know that when he appears, we
...shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.
...3 Everyone who has this hope in him purifies himself,
...just as he is pure.

Here is a testimony from last year which I wrote about on
RFTH after I ran into my former good friend (and the chances
of that were a million to one, I would say).


Secret to joy: "Don't let others define you." (Especially about the "rapture"!) - 2 testimonies

A few months ago, I was in Mississippi for only may 2-3 days
and staying with my mother. Back about 26 years ago before
I moved to South Carolina, I had a VERY good friend who is
a Christian, and, just before I moved, he got involved in the
"cultish" teaching of TV minister, Arnold Murray, who does
NOT believe in the rapture.

Here's what I believe happened.

My friend was a GREAT admirer of his father. When his sister
came down with an illness and died around the mid 80's, his
father went through some VERY "trying" times, and, in his
"searching" for answers, came up with the "wrong" answer.
He "found" a TV preacher who, obviously, doesn't believe in
the "JOY" of the rapture because he doesn't believe in the
rapture. And, because my friend thinks a LOT of his father,
he went along with him.

This fraud, Arnold Murray, comes on as a "substitute" for
conservative "thinking" Christians who do NOT want to believe
in the rapture. The "intellectual" aspect of his teaching is VERY
appealing to the flesh because:

A. It makes one "seem" smart
B. You REALLY don't have to be "ready"
C. Since you don't have to be "ready" and you don't have
to be "like" everyone else ( you are smarter ) and you can
just sit back and "talk" about how everybody else is WRONG
D. You don't have to have "JOY" because "intellect" becomes
the substitute for "JOY"

I remember well, the morning I was in Mississippi, I had been
doing some research, etc. and was VERY excited and full of
the Holy Spirit ( happy in the Lord ) about the prospects of the
Lord's return. I had to fill up with gas at a service station in a
town nearby and, OF ALL PEOPLE, my friend pulled up at the
tank behind me. For me to run into him was miraculous since
he lived about 70 miles away in a different county but had been
to a hunting camp picking berries with his father and mother.

So, I went over and we exchanged greetings, BUT, I could tell he
had lost a lot of his normal "joy" that I had known him for. When
I mentioned something about the Lord's return, he was NOT so
much excited as telling me something about people not being
ready "physically" are going to be "burned up" or something?!?!

Well, anyway.........

The "JOY" of the Lord is missing in so MANY places and churches
because they REALLY are pretty "comfortable". It can be taken
away in ANY number of subtle ways. It is best to BYOJ. The old
saying of Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) to a party could be applied
to BYOJ "Bring Your Own Joy" to most churches or places you go!!!


Nicole (14 Jan 2012)

"People who don't believe in the Rapture are not INVITED, so don't listen to them"


Guys, people who put up videos that the Pre-Tribulation rapture is a hoax, a false teaching, that they heard from the Lord that there is no catching away....

That is because they are going to be left behind. They are not invited to the wedding feast. THEY WANT TO GO THROUGH THE TRIBULATION and did not accept their original invitation so leave them alone and let them go through it. By now they have versed themselves on what is going to happen and they are preparing themselves for imprisonment and torture and famine. Don't argue with them, leave them alone and stay away from them lest they steal your joy. They need to STOP making these videos and focus on shepherding the flock that they will be responsible for in the tribulation if they do not want to prepare themselves for the wedding.

Remember my dream where I got to the fence and the tsunami waves were coming? These people are still holding onto the fence, preparing for more tsunami waves. I jumped over the fence to swim in faith across a muddy ocean where I could not gauge or see the rapture, the ledge of safety and IT CAME FOR ME AND THOSE WHO WERE SEEKING IT. The others thought the fence and the tsunami waves were it and all there was and that is why they keep preaching to hold to Jesus to make it through the tsunami waves that will grow larger in the tribulation. Because that is all they can SEE!!!

Nicole (11 Jan 2012)

"Dream of What it takes to make it to the Rapture"