Bryan Smick (14 Jan 2012)
"Not Now"

“Not Now!”
By  Bryan Smick

This is the first time that I have actually written this testimony and posted it on a web site.  I have been a long time “Watchman On The Wall”  My favorite bible verse is Ezekiel 22 :30.  “ I sought for a man among them that should make up the hedge and stand in the gap before me, for the land.”   I had that verse put on the front of a T shirt for a church that I am a founding member and intercessor for.  The Lord just brought to my attention about three in the morning two nights ago that I had 28 of these shirts made up to give to the original adult members of the church at the time around 21 years ago.  We now have nearly 500 attendees.

I was the third child born to my parents on May 14, 1963.   I am now 48 years old.  The nation Israel and I have the same birthday.   Since college I hadn’t dated anyone for 7 years. I was married on April 11, 1992.  This year it is predicted that the anti-christ starts his rein on April 11, 2012.  Yeah it was a bad day to start the marriage on.  It lasted for 12 years.   I was officially served the divorce papers  on January 28, 2005.  The divorce was finalized on January 26.   For those counting that will be 7 years ago.   So I look forward to being wed to my lord and savior between the  26-28 of this month.

When I was married my ex basically demanded that we leave my home church.   So we left.  Being an intercessor,  I never left my watch and continued to pray for my Church and Pastor until after my divorce.   Before my return,  The church had purchased  60 acres of Never Developed Wooded Property.  No structure had ever been built on the land since it was deeded back to William Penn.  It is very rare to have Virgin Land in New Jersey.  

Several years back, after I returned to the church , We have met in a public HS for over 20 years and now have three services on Sunday:   we had a very moving Rosh Hosanna service.   It was the same day I saw the site plans for the new church for the first time during the blowing of the shofar.  After the service, I spent like two and a half hours walking and praying on the undeveloped land for the very first time.

Of course being a watcher,  I have always looked for the possible rapture of the church on Rosh Hosanna.   So I was exhausted from praying and hiking through the brushy woods: thirsty, hot, sweaty full of ticks chiggers and mosquito bites.  Just overwhelmed in the moment that I had finally seen the land  and walked “possessed”  it and was walking on the trail out of the woods approximately 100 feet from the road:  When I heard a “long loud drawn out note” that I thought was the  “Trumpet of God. “   I immediately fell to my knee’s raised my hands to be caught up into heaven praising God and thanking him for letting me walk the land.   Then I heard a voice in my spirit say “Not Now !”  and I heard a loud audible chuckle from an invisible being  “angel”  about five feet from me to my left.  Then the drawn out note turned into a distinctive ……Hee  Haw,……  Hee Haw,……. Hee Haw!!!!!!!!!  The house across the street from the church property owned a donkey.

As I have been reading all the other watchers posts; ( ie Ron Reese, Math Man, Jonathan Kleck, etc)  and personal signs, wonders, numbers and miracles currently  happening  around the world and in  my life “daily”.    I know,….. That I Know,……… That I Know……..That this is it!!!!!!!!!!!

Lord Come Quickly

Brother Bryan