Bruce Warner (7 Jan 2012)

Dear Doves,

I believe that the wrath of God begins on the earth when He has Satan
cast out of heaven down to earth. Satan then has a 42 month reign of
terror on earth before the Second Coming of the Lord.

If the Second Coming of the Lord is scheduled for the Fall Feasts/
Tishri 2016  (October 2016) during the next Jubilee Year beginning
Nisan1/ April 9, 2016 - then Satan will be cast down to earth 42
months prior to Tishri 2016.(October 2016) which would be in the month
of Nisan. 2013 (March-April 2013)..

Scripture says the Church is to be rescued (raptured) in the same
manner as Noah and Lot were rescued.on the very day that God's wrath
came upon the left-behind, That Day, the Day of Christ, may very well
come in the month of Nisan 2013 (March-April 2013). We cannot know the
exact day or hour, but that does not preclude us from knowing the
month to watch. The month of Nisan 2013 begins on March 12, 2013 and
ends on April 10, 2013.

Come Lord Jesus!

Bruce Warner