Bruce E (9 Jan 2012)
"Lu Vega link AND 120 days FROM eclipse 2012 TO Rosh H. 2012 ! ! !"

Dear Doves & friends,
I make no bones about my "inclinations" regarding NEXT Rosh H. 2012,
as being a very significant prophetic date. That being said. (Link below is very interesting, Lu Vega!)
While viewing a Lu Vega chart with link below, i noticed the May 20th. 2012 eclipse and wondered how many DAYS it was till Rosh H.
It came back at Noahs age in years at death. Ie. 120!!! This proves NOTHING, but.. keep lookin up!
(PS> From memory, 3 days before on May 17th. Was a VERY significant date in history regarding the FLOOD. Go to <> to view the date May 17th. 2012, from memory, i believe it was also 150 days? Past a significant date. Remember the waters receded 150 days.
Shalom. . .
Duration calculation results
From and including: Sunday, May 20, 2012
To and including:
Sunday, September 16, 2012
It is 120 days from the start date to the end date, end date included
Or 3 months, 28 days including the end date
Alternative time units
120 days can be converted to one of these units:
§  10,368,000 seconds
§  172,800 minutes
§  2880 hours
§  17 weeks (rounded down)
Bruce E.