Bruce E (26 Jan 2012)
"4-11 in "Domino-speak" is a DUAL PYRAMID... IF you can connect the dots and think OUTSIDE THE DOMINO/PYRAMID(s)"

April 11 or 4-11 is a “DUAL PYRAMID”in Domino-speak. .
If you connect the dots and think outside the “Domino”
Dear Doves & friends,
The ancient tile game “Dominoes” <spell-check>
Just MAY reveal a hidden connection to 411.
Imagine a domino tile with a, 4 & 1.
Ie..[: :] & [ . ]
NOTE: . The dot should be centered in the middle, on the 1)
Superimpose the 1 over the 4 like a transparency making a 5.
[ : . : ]  or X [ X ]
(Again the center dot should be centered, forming an X or 5)
Now, Visualize the X or 5 in three dimensions, ie Pyramid (ariel view)
Now, take the remaining 1 and place it in the center and
CONNECT THE DOTS Making 2 Pyramids, (Both using the same square base)
IF YOU SUCCEED, YOU HAVE 2 pyramids (One ABOVE and one BELOW!!!)
As is above, SO BELOW.! ! !  Or side-ways angle is…
From an ariel view of a 4+1 or #5 Domino
[ X ]
Connect the dots for a PYRAMID (Above diagram)
Again, take the remaining 1 from the third digit of the date 4 – 1 – “1”
Center the dot in the middle of the X or 5
Now, go 3 dimensional, with a PYRAMID ABOVE
Blessings in Christ,
Bruce E.