Bruce E (24 Jan 2012)
"RE: John Clark (23 Jan 2012) "Mystery Babylon wins" Bruce E."

Dear John, doves and friends,
John Clark (23 Jan 2012)
"Mystery Babylon wins"
I was noticing similar prophetic implications in the NFL teams as well.
Interestingly Tim Tebow left the Gators (Reptilians?) of FL where i live and was PROMOTED to play in the MILE HIGH team.
Tim played for the MILE HIGH team, ie. Denver Broncos, the EXPERTS said he wasn't good enough. fyi.
Tim Tebow TAKEN OUT OF THE WAY "before" great (SUPER) battle.
Note: There is an Adolf Hitler Street in Long Island, NY; not far from Babylon NY, or the stadium(s). Just sayin. .
Interesting things to ponder,
 ALSO props. to Gary Newmans Concord/Concordia observation. <link below>
Bruce E.