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"RE: Julia (19 Jan 2012) Star #127 or Saros 127? Just a thot. . Bruce E."


Dear Julia,

This may or may not be applicable to the 127 Star, comment in your article. just a thot. .
PS. My two top end-time tag team players prophetically are from the US/UK respectively.
Bruce E.
PSS. The Psalms 117 comment is incorrect. Psalms 117 is the 594th. chapter; there are also 594 chapters AFTER Psalm 119, the longest chapter.
Psalm 118 is the middle chapter with 594 to the left and right, with verse 8 being the middle verse by chapters.
Psalm 103:1 is actually the middle by VERSES and not chapters. "Bless the LORD oh my soul"

Prince William's Occulted Numbers

Born 21st June 1982 on the Summer solstice and with a solar eclipse that same day.

The eclipse cycle Prince William was born under is Saros 117. It was in its 1189th year when he was born. The last time it had occurred was in 1964 and the next time it would occur would be on his mothers birthday, July 1st 2000.

Ominously the Bible contains 1189 chapters of which psalm 117 is the very middle chapter, also it is the shortest (the longest is psalm 119). -Wikipedia

There will be an eclipse on his:

Birthday - Saros 117

19th birthday - Saros 127

38th birthday - Saros 137

57th birthday - Saros 147

76th birthday - Saros 157