Bruce E (10 Jan 2012)
"Re: Gerlinda (9 Jan 2012) "They play we pay" (P.S. Johnny Depps 666)"

Dear Doves and friends,
Most of us know Disneys political agenda, that being said...
After viewing Gerlindas post today, i noticed a 666 on Johnny Depps "HAT".
Although the top 6 is cropped in the photo, ie. an upside down 6.
There is a CLEAR #6 on the hat with an "S like" shape separating the two 6's.
As luck would have it, the GREEK i believe (poss. Hebrew) symbol for #6 looks JUST like the elongated s type figure separating the two numerical English 6's.
Just sayin... check it out.
PS. i am not accusing Johnny Depp of being anything other than an actor. lol
Johnny Depps pic in the link below from Disney: