Bruce Baber (17 Jan 2012)

Dear Doves,

A number of years ago, we moved to Tennessee.  My father who lived in Kentucky was was aged and ill.  We decided to move my father in with us, but that meant finding a suitable house as we were living in an apartment at the time.

We found a house that was one level and it had a circular drive that came right up to the front door so it would be convenient for wheelchair access.  It was in the same district where my daughter was going to school.  Part of the house was built so that my father could use it as a separate apartment and have his own private living space with his own bedroom, den and bathroom.  The rest of the house was large enough for my wife and I, our daughter and even had an extra room for when my son came to visit.  The large backyard was fenced so even our dog could feel at home.  Just one big problem.  It was out of our budget.
Naturally I prayed about it.  Hoped for a sign.  I started the process with the paperwork hoping I would get qualified.  After a while, I got a call to come to the bank.  I prayed all the way to the bank.  What I saw outside the bank when I arrived was a confirmation to prayer.  Allow me to explain.

Years earlier I needed a sign from God for financial provision.  I was calling on a client and saw a lone seagull standing in the parking lot at his business.  Seeing a seagull in Kentucky where I was then living was very unusual.  It happens very, very rarely.  Seagulls sometimes are seen near large lakes hundreds of miles from the ocean, but where I was living it was highly unusual.  But there was that seagull standing in my client's parking lot.  I took hope that it was a sign and went in to see my client.  He handed me a check for a project and the provision I needed.

Years passed and I was driving up to the parking lot of the bank and praying about the house we needed.  As I drove up, what did I see?  At least one hundred seagulls! Some were flying in circles around the bank.  Some were standing on the grass around the bank.  Some were standing in the parking lot.  All of them were on the bank property (or over it).  None were next door on either side of the bank.  Just right where I needed to see them as a sign from God.  Please understand I would normally have to drive 8 hours to the seashore to see so many.  Yes sometimes a few gather at large lakes many miles from the seashore.  Yet here I was seeing them many miles from such a body of water and right at the precise time I needed to see them.  I got the loan and moved into the house.

My father passed away before we could get him moved but we enjoyed the house for many years.  I told practically no one about the seagulls.  I didn't want to seem crazy for believing in signs and miracles.  Who am I that God should give signs and miracles?  Just an average person in every way.  I'm not someone special.

A number of years have passed.  Life has had its ups and downs.  I had a stroke.  A long recovery.  Battled depression.  Lost my job and stand at the brink of having to move out of that home God gave us.

I am just days from having movers come to store our furniture and not sure where I am going to live.  Is Jesus going to come in the next nine days to take us to our eternal home?  I don't know. But, I felt led to share the story of the gulls and affirm that every word is true.  God does do miracles even in this day and age for average people.

I don't know what the future holds.  But I believe in signs and miracles even for plain average people.  If possible, I'll keep you posted and... I'll keep looking up!


Bruce Baber