Brad (9 Jan 2012)
"Dream of AC?"

Hi all,

I awakened from 2 dreams this morning (dreams have been ramping up lately). The first was a dream about a name...Brock Davidson. I kept having to pronounce it differently until I got it right. At one point I chuckled and said, oh I get it.. B Rock... David's Son, but that was wrong and only stopped when I got here.. Barack... David's Son. You see The antichrist (or the Jews messiah) must be recognized as in the line of the son of David to be accepted and they are still looking for their King to rescue them. I find it interesting how today we read that the US is deploying thousands of troops in Israel for 'drills'. Somehow I think Barack Obama will help 'save' Israel from their enemies soon )Psalm 83, Isaiah 17 perhaps) and then sign a covenant. He may be able to somehow. perhaps through DNA testing, to identify himself as coming from the line of David. Just something to watch for.

Another dream showed me my cell phone melting as if it was on fire and that any important info you have stored should be written down, perhaps an emp burst or solar flare could be responsible.


Brother Brad