Bill Lane (23 Jan 2012)
"Re: Cinda Godfrey, Laura T's & Paul Synder post"

Thanks Cinda & Laura
My wife is back home now, they did a lot of tests, blood work, x-rays, ultra sound, stress test and etc.
They didn't really find anything as far as I can tell from the report she brought home.
The doctor at the hospital prescribed three new medications and told her to stop taking one of the three
that was prescribed by her doctor.
The results for the head cat scan said "show changes that are stable and do not need further testing" I
guess that means she's okay?
She had all her teeth pulled about 20 years ago, I don't think she had any amalgam fillings.
She has an appoint to see her doctor Jan. 23, 2012 as a follow up to the hospital visit.
She seems to be feeling fine so far, please pray that she will continue to feel fine.
She will ask her doctor about getting tested for chronic lyme disease.
I'll see if I can find Betaine HCL in one of our health food stores.
Thanks to everyone for your input and prayers !!
Bill Lane