Bill Lane (18 Jan 2012)
"Prayer Request"

Hi Doves:
Please pray for my wife, her name is Zoe, she is 75 years old and having problems that the doctors haven't been able to solve.
She gets dizzy spells, headaches, weak, tired, rundown, heartburn. they have her on two bloodpressure meds, heartburn meds.
We have called the paramedics so many times I've lost count, they take her to the emergency facility, they run tests on her, but
they never find anything, and send her home.
She just had a Cat Scan of her head on the 11th. of Jan. but the results are not in yet, I'm sure if they saw something they would
have told her to come in to see the doctor by now.
Please pray for her that God will heal whatever is causing all of her problems.
Thank all of you.
Bill Lane