Beverly (27 Jan 2012)
"To Rudy Wallace - God Bless You!!"

Praise the Lord!  

I just finished watching both of the videos you referenced & what a joy there is in my heart !!  

I have been struggling lately with just WHO was going in the rapture !!  I have read on a few sites

that only the ones that are "sin-free" would be going...& if that was the case then I would NOT make

it, for I was born in sin & until I receive my glorified body I won't be "sin-free".  I have also read where

it is said that Jesus will separate the sheep from the in out of a group of saved people only

some of the chosen "saved" ones get to go.   

This I do KNOW...that this old 50yr old woman, is a wretched & sinful woman...that heard the Savior say

come unto me & I will give you rest...that He would place my sin as far as the east is from the west...that He

would NEVER let me matter WHAT.............& I said   "Yes, yes, yes...sweet Lord & Savior ...please

save me & HE DID....forever..done deal!!

Thank you so much for following the call to post these was an answered prayer for conformation

for me!!