Benny (14 Jan 2012)
"Ron Reese"

Hi John, could you please post this message for me on the fivedove website,had alot of problems posting last time.Would love to hear Ron Reese's thoughts on them-I know how busy he must be right now though.To start, nearly the entire Northeastern U.S. experienced the most freakish snowstorm ever last fall.What made it standout was'nt the fact that it snowed over one foot of snow, but instead, the extraordinary amount of damage it caused. The reason it was so desructive was that the trees still haalmost all their leaves on them. The weight on the branches downed an incredible amount of trees that will probably take years to clean up across the State parks and forests. But what I didn't really consider at that time,and I'm from the Northeast in Mass.,was THE DATE OF THE STORM......OCT. 29TH,2011. This date was exactly 3 calendar years after the likely starting point of the final 7 years, OCT. 29TH,2008. Was it a signpost marking the 3rd complete year??......My second thought is on a lighter note,as well as an entirely differeny subject.......Tebow-mania. Let me first state that I am absolutely convinced that what occurred at the Steelers- Broncos game on Jan. 8th was nothing short of a miraculous sign from God. So please don't think I'm making light of the situation or that I believe that the following must take place. With that said,wouldn't it be something if the Broncos and Tebow advance to the Superbowl and Denver plays without Tebow because he's been raptured! Think of it,the very weekend before the Superbowl,on Feb. 5th this year,is a bye weekend or rest for the Superbowl teams. This year that bye weekend for the NFL is, you guessed it...JAN. 28-29,2012!,A VERY VERY, possible Rapture date. Wouldn't you just love to see what the NFL analyists at CBS,FOX, etc. would say about Tebow then?           Thanks again John-could you post this under the name Steve K and the title "Two interesting thoughts on Oct 29, 2008 and Jan. 28 2012?