Ben C (28 Jan 2012)
"Stackelbeck On Terror > WATCH THIS NOW"

What you are about to watch if you have the courage is a most provocative piece of journalism!
I know the Great Cosmic Ark of Yeshua is about to capture the righteous from this world at an incredible nano second in time, that splinter of time is hidden within hours and days just ahead!

The GREAT ESCAPE before ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE IN THIS WORLD is a promise from The Lord Himself! The Righteous WILL NOT perish along with the wicked! Soddom and Gamorah!

Watch this most important video at this site, don't let anyone distract you, it is that important. Then get down on your knees and ask for God's Mercy and forgiveness. Pride will only hurt you in the end! DO IT NOW >> JOHN 3:16