Ben C (17 Jan 2012)
"THE PENTECOSTAL RAPTURE..., you will be a believer!"

Dearest Doves,

 I recently ran across this amazing report that was creating and posted online back in 2007. The person who compiled this report has really done his homework. this is the most in depth report of the topic of Pentecost that I have seen anywhere. I believe this report settles it once and for all that the Rapture of The Bride of Christ WILL be on this, the servant candle Feast and at no other time will find fulfillment. As you read this please keep in mind the state of the world with all it's distress right now, the sea and the waves roaring, the earthquakes, the economy, everything swirling around in prophetic fulfillment, saints this is God's appointment with His church!

 Keep in mind also the SIGNS He has given us in the heavens. All the lunar eclipses book ending seven years beginning THIS YEAR. Saints this is all on under lunar eclipses 2001 through 2100. You can see it for yourself! Here again is Luis Vega's web site and more specifically the chart he calls " The Last Decade" 

" The Last Decade"     

 Here is his web site link >>

Here it is, a most amazing study on Pentecost. A bit lenghty but worth your time