Ben C (16 Jan 2012)
"To Bruce Warner and all Doves > 120 Years! and beyond"

Dear Five Dove Friends and anyone else on here who does not understand what The Lord meant when He said in Genesis 6:3 that His Spirit would not always strive with man.................

 My name is Benny. I have been an intense watcher since The Good Lord invited me to be a part of His Kingdom back in the mid seventies. Although originally from South Jersey, through a series of circumstances I wound up becoming a part of a Christian commune by the name of "His Name Ministries" there in Santa Rosa Ca. I said all that to say this. When my eyes were first opened, other brothers would share what they know about the prophetic scriptures with me, and most of the time they were barely older in the Lord than I was. They said things, especially when not fully understanding whats being said, and why its being said, and whos it being said to, that literally scared me to death. I determined right there that I would study the prophets, and Christ being the greatest prophet of all, and try and rightly divide the spirit of truth, with the help of The Hold Spirit. I have also had many great teachers and mentors along the way also, one of which is mentioned a little later on in this blog. Hope you hang in there, it won't be long now.

This is what Bruce wrote:

Genesis 6:3
"And the Lord said, My spirit shall not strive with man forever, for
 or 120 JUBILEES

Luke 21:32
"I tell you the truth, THIS GENERATION will certainly not pass away
until all these things have happened."

My greatest fear is that "this generation" of Luke 21:32 is the "one
hundred twenty years" of Genesis 6:3.

 Early on I also struggled with this verse, and then thought, these 120 years that the Lord mentions here CAN NOT mean the years of a mans life, or generation, since Noah and many others after God made this statement lived to be a lot older that 120! therefor, God had to be speaking about something else.

 What I found in my studies is that what God is actually speaking of here are "JUBILEES". There are exactly 120 Jubilees of mankind's reign upon this earth! There are exactly 120 fifty year periods in 6000 years! I hope this clears it up for many people who are wondering about this. there is a lot of proof about this on the net in one cares to study!

 Rest easy there Bruce, the Lord is most definitely coming back in our life time, and according to other studies and revelation I've found, most likely THIS VERY YEAR!

 These two witnesses alone, or perhaps among many confirm this fact. Witness one, and this is MAJOR! If God is using SIGNS in the SUN< MOON and STARS like He said he would, and if His first appearing was hailed by a STAR, then I believe He is making known to those who are watching, that by all the BLOOD MOON ECLIPSES, and TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSES that have happened and are happening right up until 2019 and how He has positioned them, are positive proof that these next seven years are the seven years that Daniel wrote about! Check out this chart by Luis Vega >>> All the facts on here are accurate according to NASA.GOV. I checked it out myself!  >>> The Last Decade ...

 Now for the second witness > Do a serious study on the "Feast of Pentecost" or in Hebrew Shavuot. Jimmy DeYoung said he did not believe that any of the feasts would find their fulfillment in the Rapture. Yet, I thought, wait a minute Jimmy, did not THE CHURCH have it's very beginning at Pentecost? I believe with all my heart, given these two witnesses that our removal from this world will take place on THIS PENTECOST! You can also call and order a free copy of this years first issue of "Prophecy In The News" the January issue. It has a great in depth article about Pentecost in it, in which JR believed that church will graduate of some future Pentecost as well as Gary Stearman who wrote the article, and again with the chart in mind, and everyone on here should know about this, We can finally get more excited than ever!

Also, one other thing, Brother Luis Vega has many more great charts that he has made available to the body on his web site at >

I hope this helps there Bruce.
See you skyward!

Benny Caruso