BC (12 Jan 2012)
"Tebow Testimony"

 I read  where our Jim B. is a Tebow fan, as am I!  The Denver quarterback's father was an evangelist, and his mother was urged to abort Tim because of health reasons.    Do you realize how many people Tebow's life testimony is reaching!  And it's not only reaching people who spend part of their Sunday in church, but the millions of unchurched people who spend most of their Sundays watching NFL football. 
I'd agree that part of his football experiences could be considered miraculous.  I just gave him an idea on his Facebook page on how to beat the Patriots,  Smile emoticon  but they are going to need a lot of Godly wisdom for that.
Let's pray that Tim continues to be a great witness and an overcomer in all areas.  Dear Father, protect Tim from injury & temptations.  Use his platform of fame to draw thousands (or millions) of people to You, and give him success in all areas that are important to You.  And if that be a Super Bowl win, so be it!  We ask in Jesus'(our only Perfect Hero) name.  Amen.   bc