Barry Amundsen (26 Jan 2012)
"Coming years, what?! Don't want to be here for the coming years..."
Wow, first David Flynn and now Bonnie Gaunt have gone on ahead of us as we wait for our turn to "Come up hither..."
Back a few years ago I was watching David Flynn's latest DVD lecture wherein he said he believed that the rapture would be sometime in  Spring or early Summer at the latest of 2012 and he showed how the time period from 1776 until 2012 was very significant in the overall plans of the devil's followers and how they have designed the U.S.A for a special purpose etc. In fact he said that this he guessed makes him a "mid-tribber" because he believed that we would already be into the first half by that time.
Back then I was hoping he was wrong simply because it was yet a few years off and I was hoping for a sooner rapture. With each suggested date that we passed, I would think David Flynn may be right after all... Well, as always seems to happen, now that we are finally almost to that time, what should happen but new time periods are suggested that are even further away.
The first link above is to a book whose author answered my e mail question of when he believes the rapture will be and he believes 2015 with the trib lasting from then until 2022 when the millennium would begin. Then as if that wasn't bad enough, I read the beginning of Bonnie Gaunt's free book which is the other link above only to see that she places the timing of the millennium to begin in 2033 which I assume pushes her idea of when the rapture would be even further back. 
Is it just me or does it seem like this world just couldn't continue that long as it is teetering on the brink? I even thought 2012 was stretching things a bit yet here we are...
Oh, the other one was a post yesterday where Deborah posted this (her) book
given to her in 2010 and is dated copyright 2011 and it says this:

Go to your inner room, close the door, call on Me, cleanse

yourself, wash yourself in My blood, then We will reveal Ourselves to

you and prepare you for what is going to happen in the coming years.

I read that and I'm thinking, COMING YEARS, WHAT?! I thought we were almost done!
OOOOOH! I just don't know what to think....