Barry Amundsen (2 Jan 2012)
"David W. Zavits "Manifest Token""

I don't know if you were aware of this but the first section of scripture that you quoted is very special:
Please see the article (linked above) by John Tng (our host here) that sheds much light on the scripture that you have quoted. What strikes me is just how much time has passed already since this was written and yet it seems like the other day to me. (Remember when four years was a really long time, like the four years you spent going from freshmen to senior in high school? That seemed to take forever, but this from 2008, nearly four years ago seems like not long at all that I read this for the first time.)
I especially appreciate the part about the hapax legomenon: manifest token because it is very important to us who are seeking to be assured of our worthiness to be included in the bride rapture since it gives us this clue as evidence that we are indeed accounted worthy.