Barry Amundsen (14 Jan 2012)
"Re: Final Score – Steelers 23 to Broncos 29:  Is the final timeline for our DEPARTURE (Rapture) hidden in plain sight in the final score?"

Wow Mathman!
You mentioned regarding the final score of Broncos / Steelers that:
  where 29 is the Biblical number for departure!!
But you didn't mention also that the number 23 is the biblical number for death. So not only is the date significant as you pointed out but the very meaning of these numbers is very specific: departure and death.
I have always thought it significant that Bill Wiese has from the beginning of his telling his amazing testimony about having been taken to hell by Jesus, he calls it "32 Minutes in Hell"
due to him knowing what time it was when his experience began and his wife noting the time on the digital clock being 23 minutes later when she heard him screaming upon his return. I originally did not find this number to be at all significant though his testimony was immediately profoundly moving to me. I first heard him on a Sid Roth program before there was a book or anything. Well, I later was listening to a completely unrelated message by Michael Hoggard in which he mentions that the number 23 is the biblical number for death, and that is when I first put the significance together. In fact to this day, though I have heard Bill Wiese tell his testimony numerous times and read his books, I don't know if I have ever heard he himself mention this connection to the number's meaning or significance. But here is that number again this time linked to the biblical number 29 for departure!
Talk about rapture and sudden destruction being linked! Could we streatch things even to the names of the two teams the steelers or stealer, (kill and destroyer) vs. the white horse on whom sits the one faithful and true? I know I could get carried away... I wonder what might happen in New England? vs. New Jerusalem? Just thinking out loud...