Anthony Mak (9 Jan 2012)
"To Nicole"

 What you wrote about the methods that the enemy uses to try to distract and cause us to sin wilfully in order to sabotage Christians from the Rapture is very very true!    ( The enemy will want to take you away from the rapture and tempt you with money, a new job, alcohol, meeting up with old friends, watching bad movies, gossiping, drawing you into arguments with your spouse, trying to run you off the road when you are driving, your computer shutting down, computer being hacked into, your bank account being hacked into and other vicious things )

 Things actually started to happen to me almost one after another about 4 months ago but thank the Lord that previous years of wilderness training from the Lord had taught me to fight the good fight of faith through each and everyone of them repeatedly and ensuring with the help of the Holy Spirit to stay obedient to the Lord like remembering to "be angry but sin not" and to constantly "wait on the Lord" and practise a lot of "longsuffering" while also "being as wise ( sly ) as a serpent but gentle ( harmless ) as a dove" to deal with many different individuals including loved ones in order to maintain being an "overcomer" the Lord's way and not our own fleshly and carnal way or the world's "normal" ways.

Its still being fought over and over again as I write this but your reminder has brought a great sense of relieve and reminder to me to keep on fighting the good fight of faith the Lord's way until He comes! It'll be worth it all on THAT day!

I would like to take this opportunity share this with you as He had opened my understanding of this very familiar and often used verse in an indescribable way recently to encourage me on I guess, through these individually trying days. Many of us, including me until a few days ago, had always thought that Revelation 22:12 means that the Lord is bringing along His rewards to give to His people according to the works they had done when He comes BUT a few days ago, I was prompted to read it again very slowly and carefully..What I saw this time through the KJV actually says it like this......"And, behold I come quickly and MY reward is with Me, to give every man according as his work SHALL BE."

This is so different and so opposite of what we had been thinking about this verse..Its not OUR reward but HIS that He's bringing! AND it will be given ( as in distributed ) according to each man's assigned work when He arrives!!( this is the "according as his work SHALL BE" not "works that he had done", its totally opposite! )

When we understand what exactly is HIS REWARD, then we will see the entire picture clearly...

Jesus's reward can only be SOULS!

The above verse supports what many men of God like Charles Capps, Leland ( AA Allen's and many other's visions and dreams ) and others had been teaching about there being a very real possibility of a short period of time ( maybe 40 days only ) after Jesus comes for His Bride where a group or all the Bride group will be empowered supernaturally and possibly being in their "immortal" or glorious state to reach out to "His Reward" i.e. His pre-determined places and people groups that HE already has obtained permission from the Father to reach out to and save when He comes ( who will likely be those by the highways and hedges, the poor, the maimed, the halt and the blind as per the parable ) and also to keep His promise to His redeemed that their entire household will also be saved..Think about that..Its Isaiah 60: 1-3 and The book of Acts x 7 ( as preached by many that there's coming a day when a great revival will take place and it will be 7 times more powerful than what happened in the book of Acts ) and 1Cor.15:52 all being fulfilled at once, in the twinkling of an eye!!That's our great and mighty God, The saviour and true champion of the lost world in action!!! ( but still unseen by many )

Many who are not believing that the Rapture will happen until "the gospel is preached to the whole world" will suddenly find that the Lord Hinself will be doing that immediately after the "change" when He and His Bride becomes "ONE"!  And they had foolishly not prepared themselves and had even joined in the mockery and not heeding to all those years of warnings about being prepared and ready for the Rapture...... but, the blind, the poor, the destitute, the homeless of the world will be speedily invited to the Great Supper at the last minute ( because those who had held the "invitations" earlier had made all kinds of excuses not to go when the time came ( in their hearts possibly as no one is so stupid and not go..another fulfillment of Bible prophecy about those being deceived and deceiving themselves )  to also escape what will come upon the world soon after....All praise, Glory and Honour to God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit, Forever and Ever, Amen!