Annette (14 Jan 2012)
"My dream"

Dear John,

I had a curious dream on Dec 31, 2011.  It was one of those dreams you recall because of its vividness, strange "real" feel.  I woke up remembering it, but thought it strange and went about my day, which was part of a hectic two weeks.  My father in-law was in from Ohio, his other son called about the earthquake that they just had.  He lives in Austintown, Oh so I went to my earthquake sites  which hadn't posted anything about it yet and while waiting went to The Millenium Ark (all in the midst of making New Years dinner) and came across the Rapture on Jan 28th link to your site.  The revelation of what my dream meant came to me as I read the article.  I have struggled with it, I finally, tonight, felt compelled to send it to you.


In my dream my husband and I where in bed sleeping when my dead fish Paul came swimming in to wake me up.  He would gentle nudge me and kept it up for some time.  (Paul was a large Paratalapia paulenia, aka Paul, who pasted last fall.)  I did not want to get up and go with him, and told him to stop and went back to sleep.  When I woke the "water" that Paul had been swimming in was gone.  Paul was lying beside me in bed, I was afarid for him he seemed a little dried out, so hurriedly picked him up and tried to put him back in his tank (I still have his tank set up) but the water was gone in his tank too.  I wrapped him and pulled him close, found some moisture for him, and took him to get help.  As in most dream, I found myself not in my neighbor hood but outside of what appeared to be a fairground.  There was a large long table being prepared, with white table cloth, and others working to prepare something/set it?  I still had Paul with me, but left the table which wasn't ready yet and went into the "fairgrounds"  looking.  I walked aways to the long covered buildings and went in at the begining (farthest from the table/entrance to fair) and walked to the different inside booths talking about Paul.  Sometimes we would walk out of the building if we felt it unsafe, then walk back in when we felt safe.  Always coming to booths and talking about Paul.  The last one was murky, but I felt they were Hispanic (not sure) and knew I was the last stop stayed longer and they feed/cared for me and this time I know we worshiped.  I walked out of the building and back out of the "fairgrounds"  and back to the long table cover with white tableclothes.  It was set, I remember the candle holders.  I went to put Paul down on the table but now he was "cooked" (sorry bad description)  I was sort of shocked but not sad or terified as I laid him down he broke into strips and bread slices/long as well fell on top of him, as if he was no longer my "fish" but food?  My dream ends there.


It wasnt until I read about the rapture that I figured some of it out.  My heart felt heavy as I read and the revealation sank in.  I didnt have time to read your whole site, still working on it.  But when I tried to go back to it through the "Ark" later it was gone. (luckly I remembered your site name)  I know I was meant to find it when I did, God tends to do that for me.  Send me a message and have me find confirmation on it on line or in the bible.  Paul of course Jesus/the Good News who stays with me, the water the Holy Spirit which leaves after the rapture.  The fair, is it an adventure/journey.   Am I to miss the rapture and stay here until I am worthy or is it just a warning of the coming rapture?  I have been praying, and reading asking for clarification but I have not received any other dreams.  When I was very young I knew God was real, I would cry sometimes for him to take me home which I could "feel" remember.  Unfortunatly the world is cruel and I slowly drifted out and back in of Christianty many times.  I am a believer, have a church we attend, bible studies, Faith groups etc.  but when I tell others about my dream they shy away from me.  I have know since I was young that I was living in the end of days.  Allowed science to sway my judgement over the years, had know one to help me understand, mentor me.  But Christ has drawn me back to him through bible studies and some revelations.  Just curious as to what you might think it means.

Thank you,