Alan T (23 Jan 2012)
"RE: Mercer : "the seven year tribulation by Jesus Christ""

I read through this presentation and could not find anything that I disagreed with. But this is going to be a hard sell to most people. There are some books out there that help lead us through this fickle path of dispensation and doctrine. I personally recommend :

I am currently re-reading above book for third time...this right division of the bible is something that has to be refreshed and maintained to keep an even keel of biblical perspective for a healthy daily walk. Failure to do so will be a snare and a detour of self condemnation and misplaced efforts.

Ken Blue is probably the  most intelligent and accurate expert on rightly dividing the scriptures.

Hope to have been of help, and I appreciated the boldness and honesty Mercer presented here.
Alan T