Abigail (20 Jan 2012)


Hi MathMan


I enjoy and appreciate your (and everyone else’s) posts.


Just going back to a section of your post of 17 January (shown below), I might be missing something here (was expecting someone to mention this), but each computer has a solution for a problem like this, catering for individual needs.


The larger the text used overall, the more physical and memory space taken up – whereas it is easy to increase the size for individual requirements and then revert back to 100% when finished, if desired.  Thus, any problems with eyestrain solved.  Also for some, having very large text can be offputting.


For example, click on menu bar at top


Zoom   (then choose what percentage size required; i.e. 150%, 200%, 125%. 400% etc)

From there on in, the font size on the website is increased accordingly – until reverting back to 100%, if required.


Or View  (depending on what computer offers)

Text Size  (Larger, Smaller Medium etc)


Or simply highlight the post, then go to menu bar (view) and change size.


Agree entirely with your desire for paragraph breaks in all posts though – very difficult to concentrate and comprehend without that break every 8 or so lines.  Unfortunately the computer doesn’t have the ability to do this appropriately.


Like yourself (and others), I especially appreciated Jim Bramlett”s “Can We Know?”.   It was such an appropriate one to distribute to others too – very timely.







17 January 2012

Hi Charles,

I love the passion in your postsl!!


However, could you please put paragraph breaks on occasion? Also, could you increase your font size to, say, 14? Even though I have excellent eye sight, I still strain A LOT in order to give your posts the attention they deserve. Indeed, I sometimes find that I even get a bit of a headache when I read your longer posts. However, I must reiterate that I REALLY enjoy your posts, so I hope you don’t mind my suggestions!! There is certainly NO insult whatsoever intended!!