Will Schumacher (17 Jan 2011)
"726 hidden in 2012"

This verse has always intrigued me.  I felt it was talking about Jesus because Ramah means hill and Jesus is expected to return to the Mount Of Olives-a hill.  But there was no reason gematria-wise to look at it.

Until today.

I thought I would look at 2012-726-2012.  Is the rapture hidden in 2012 by way of gematria.  And this verse popped up.

1 Sam 7:17 And his return was to Ramah; for there was his house; and there he judged Israel; and there he built an altar unto the Lord.

Original text side 2nd word has gem of 650. A main rapture number

Total gematria to is 1764=12x147   Dead on!

I also looked at the 2nd word strongs text side + total gematria=958

958=923X2 +-888

958=187x2 + 8x73

958= 306x4 + -266   9-23-15 is day 266

958=365 + 228 + 365   228 is gematria of firstfruits


G0958=Benjamin the 12th son gem 168=84x2

Will Schumacher