Will Schumacher (17 Jan 2011)
"888 hidden in 526"

I then looked at is 888 hidden in 526 or 526+888+526=1940

First verse listed great symbolism of the Father giving the church to the Son

Genesis 25:5 And Abraham gave all that he had unto Isaac

5th word original text side gem 501=3x167- 167 is some type of special number to God.  I see it all the time and it was 167 days from the un decree on 11-29-47 to Israel becoming a nation on 5-14-48

Total gematria=1666

1666=526x4 + -6x73

1666=527x2 + 306x2

1666=147x9 +343

1666=726 + 214 + 726 a true bracket

G1666=Eliseus or Elisha meaning “God his salvation” gematria 726

H1940=Hodiah meaning “majesty of Jehovah”

Will Schumacher