Will Schumacher (12 Jan 2011)
"psalm 119:119 and 411 + 503"

Clay Cantrell says God told him to look for the extremes and Psalm 119 is the longest book and therefore an extreme.

I have continually talked about 411 and 119 referring to April 11, 2012  being Nisan 19

So I looked at Psalm 119:119 for the obvious double 119

Thou puttest away all the wicked of the earth like dross:  therefore I love thy testimonies.

Will God start putting away the wicked like dross on 4-11-12?

Strong’s side 5th word down H0157 (9-11 number + clay showed me that 265 decimal=411 octal=109 hxd 265+411+109=785=5x157)

Total gematria =1644=4x411

H1644=garash=drive out, cast out, thrust out, drive away

H1644=gematria of 503

7x503=3521=gematria of the abomination of desolation-what I expect to occur on 4-11-12

503=119 + 265 + 119

4x 503=2012

2012=4x265 + 8x119

2012=5x119 + 13x109

2012=2x411 + 119x10

Another interesting thing

Original text side 6th word down gematria total=1841-new testament antichrist gematria

 will schumacher