Vonda Wood (28 Jan 2011)
"To Barry, Linda and Joseph"

To Barry
You have always been a kind, thoughtful, gentle soul and your note today to Joseph and I certainly reflects a very sweet, Jesus-like nature. I was not expecting any response at all. Yours was very generous and certainly you remain a positive model for all of us. I believe there is room for everyone's view. I am quite pragmatic - others are dreamers, others are very sensitive to what I might consider a minutia of signs. My limitation in viewing current events lies in my pragmatic nature - please feel free to enjoy your nature and view of current events - I don't think either of us is wrong. And it is fun for me to read of everyone's thoughts and views - sometimes mine even expands because of this sharing. Please don't constrain yourself as I am sure God uses your view to reach others. My request was far less grandiose than to limit your view, just don't dismiss others for a different view - as I have found, that in reading the breadth of views, sometimes mine expands. So please stay excited by all the indicators of a 2011 rapture - I too am excited, just not by the same signs :)

To Linda
Thanks, it does each of us good to know others agree - just imagine what it will be like in heaven when we are all of one mind, in agreement and working in harmony. Certainly this is a living environment that could never be achieved under human rule. That is what I am really looking forward to - no more strife, grief, loss, lack of harmony and peace, I can hardly imagine the love, joy, gentleness and ease in which we will have the privilege of living for all of eternity. WOW what a gift. I guess I am hoping that at least within this site we can try to create a little heaven here - a safe environment for sharing (with each other), not tearing (each other apart).