T.O. (15 Jan 2011)
"(Rowina)  -The Indian People & the 12 tribes of Israel & true Israelites..."

Hello Rowina,
I have good reasons to believe that the Native Indian People are historically tied to the 12 tribes of Israel, among so many other unsuspecting enlish speaking cultures of Europe and the US as well as all over the world.
The indian you spoke of outside the window, could have been pursuing ancient knowledge and wisdom and most importantly acting on God's spirit, although he may not know exactly why.
It is fascinating to think of how God may actually operate in the midst of lost identities.
Perhaps the House of Israel (the people, the former gov't) are still very much scattered, although the land of Israel itself has been re-established for its people who know of their roots.  The true nations of Israel (the peoples) are being called and gathered as the house of Israel..... but perhaps not many are there physically YET, but already in spirit (such as myself).
I tend to look at the House of Israel as being separate from the land of Israel.
It explains a lot of prophecies and history.
I believe this may be why God has begun judjment and/or purification on the "house of Israel" first, if we are to lead with Him one day, as planned in the "land" of Israel.
I also believe that todays Jews  are not necessarily of the Judean blood line or the true Israelites of the Bible at all !!  (This based on the deep cultural roots / history.)
I truly believe the deception of today has it's roots built on this historical twist and may lead to the ultimate deception.
Today's meaning of the word "jew" is no longer accurate.. It has become a mix of religion and culture, but not true identity necessarily.
** History itself has been manupulated by man's writings for a certain unsuspecting reason. **
Based on this, there are countless truths we should all think about, if only we can wrap our head around it.
History according to the Bible and not man, is so much more exciting and accurate than what historians and encyclopedias teach.  You would be amazed at the hidden facts and the wrongly translated words which become our so called history !!
If you wish, I can send you some informative biblical historical links..
God Bless you,
May Jesus Come to Reign SOON.